Berkshire and The War: the "Reading Standard" pictorial record. Volume 4. p 990

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Title Berkshire and The War: the "Reading Standard" pictorial record. Volume 4. p 990
Page number 990
Date 1919
Publisher Unknown

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The Thanksgiving Services.

Peace Sunday, July 6th, was reverently observed in Reading, and thanksgiving services were conducted at all churches irrespective of denomination. Large congregations were the order of the day, which will remain a memorable one in the annals of Reading's religious history for all time.


The official service for Reading was held on Sunday afternoon, at St. Laurence's, and was of a very impressive character alike from the representative nature of the attendance, the size of the congregation, which overflowed into the aisles and porch, and the reverent manner in which the whole service was conducted.

Colonel Leslie Wilson, C.M.G., D.S.O., M.P., motored over from Wokingham in order to be present, and joined the official procession. This was headed by the Head Constable, the Wardens and the mace-bearer, and included the following: - The Mayor (Alderman S. Hayward), the Borough Member (Colonel Wilson[)], the Town Clerk (Mr. C. S. Johnson), the Deputy Mayor (Mr. P. A. Sarjeant, J.P.), the Clerk of the Peace (Mr. A. H. Sherwood), Aldermen C. G. Field, J.P., F. B. Parfitt, J.P., W. J. J. Brinn, F. A. Cox, W. Poulton, J.P., and T. Mason; Councillors L. G. Sutton, J.P., (Miss) E. M. Sutton, F. W inter, B. P. Gibbons, A. W. A. Webb, W. Sparks, T. H. Turner, F. W. Dormer, F. W. Allwright, A. J. Maker, C. A. Philbrick, H. T. Morley, R. J. Tyrrell, H. G. Rainbow and W. H. Short.

Borough Magistrates: Dr. Hurry, Mr. A. G. West and Mr. J. Milsom.

Members of Corporation Committees: Miss Musson (Education Committee), Mr. D. W. B. Ackerman (Pension Committee), Mr. R. T. Darvall and Mr. F. W. Bush (Small Holdings and Allotments Committee), Mr. A. C. Jordan and Mr. W. Brown (Fuel Committee).

Hon Curators of the Museum: Mr. O. A. Shrubsole and the Rev. S. O. Ridley.

Corporation Officers: Dr. Ashby, Messrs. J. Bowen, G. H. Keeton, T. Chettle, H. T. Pugh, L. Walker, H. W right, J. Dodd, B. Sharp (Pensions Committee), and H. Quinton.

Members of the Reading Board of Guardians: The Chairman (Councillor T. Norris), Messrs. J. Deacon, H. G. Bowley, ...

[photo, group, exterior] On Sunday afternoon, July 6th, the Mayor and Corporation of Reading, and a crowded congregation of the general public, attended St. Laurence'€™s Church to thank God for the restoration of peace. Heading the procession from the Town Hall are the Mayor (Mr. S. Hayward), the Deputy Mayor (Mr. F. A. Sarjeant), the Borough Member (Colonel Leslie Wilson, D.S.O.), the Clerk of the Peace (Mr. A. H. Sherwood), and the Town Clerk (Mr. C. S. Johnson). [Photo by C. E. & A. May.]